Marine Corps Commandant Gen. Robert Neller needs to stop judging recruits based on their skin color.

You’d think the U.S. military, in all of it’s wisdom doing things like forcing its troops to march in red high heels, wouldn’t have a problem with visible tattoos. Oh no, we can’t have any sort of individuality showing up in our troops. No, we must first degrade them and then teach them to all conform like good little commies. Get out of here with that nonsense!

For all of the things the Generals could get their panties in wad over, you’d think visible tattoos on our fighting men and women would be way, way at the bottom of the list. Notice I didn’t say “fighting men, woman and trannys”, you know the brand new ban and all. No, no, according to a Marine Corps Times article, Gen. Neller is worried about the Marine Corps’ brand being sullied by visible tattoos. God forbid, the horror of it all! He doesn’t want our Marines to be confused with silly rock and rollers. Really, this is what keeps the General up at night. Neller also stated, “We are Marines... People expect a certain thing from us.”

Yeah, no shit! Here’s what I expect from our Marines you included General Neller. I expect Marines, whether they have a cock or not, whether they are purple or rainbow colored, to fucking KILL the enemy. I think that’s what most of us rational American People expect of our Marines and that’s about all. The reason the majority of folks, “rock and rollers” included, have so many tattoos is because we American People as whole have adopted tattooing as part of American culture. A Marines’ “professional military appearance” should be that of a blood thirsty warrior ready to bring swift Hell to those that would threaten this great nation.

Denying re-enlistment to Marines who are combat veterans, simply for having visible tattoos is beyond ridiculous, it’s Military intelligence at its finest. The Marine Corps is not church and we are no longer living in the 50’s. Sounds like it’s time for old Gen. Neller to go find a nice rocking chair somewhere so he can dwell on the good old days. Stop worrying about what color our Marines’ skin is and try focusing on teaching them to KILL terrorist, commie scum.