Laser Removal

Tattoo Laser removal or lightening is a great option for those who are living with a dreadful tattoo. If you love tattoos and wish yours was one you could be happy with then attempting a cover up tattoo may be the solution for you. The complete removal of a tattoo is another option for those who simply no longer want their tattoo. Although, modern removal techniques have greatly improved, it's still not fail proof.

In the old days, the only choice available for complete removal of a tattoo was for a dermatologist to use dermabrasion. This was a traumatic process where the top two layers of skin were basically ripped off with a small grinding wheel. This process, for the most part, would completely remove the old tattoo, but it was extremely painful and always resulted in horrible scaring.

With the advent of modern tattoo lasers, the removal process is much, much less barbaric. Although, it's still not a perfect process. Factors such as the inks used, the expertise of the tattooist, skin pigment, etc. produce very inconsistent results. Generally, most tattoos can be lightened about 50% with five to eight laser sessions. No matter what type of laser is used whether it is a Pico or Q-switched laser, complete and total removal is likely unachievable, even with ten or more sessions. In fact, the more laser sessions one undergoes the greater the chance of complications such as permanent scaring and a deflated bank account. Realistically, for those that choose this route, the best one can hope for is to be left with a visible yet faded ghost of one's old tattoo.

What a conundrum. Fortunately, cover up tattoo master, Jeremy Garrett, has been rescuing the lives of poor, desperate individuals who had been terrorized by their tattoo nightmares. Not all tattoos require laser lightening before attempting a cover up, but thankfully the option is available. Do you have a tattoo that you've out grown or was poorly executed and want to fix it? Make an appointment with Jeremy Garrett, Seattle's best cover up tattoo artist and turn that tattoo demon into a custom masterpiece.