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Authentic Japanese tattooing has been a huge influence on Western tattooing for centuries. Artists like Horiyoshi III of Yokohama, a modern day tattooing Rembrandt whose prominence is unmatched, is highly regarded in the tattooing industry as a whole and epitomizes Japanese traditional tattooing.

Seattle, Washington Tattoo Artist - Jeremy Garrett - Inkslinging Superhero

Washington Custom Tattoos - Located in the First Hill section of Seattle - Established by legendary tattoo artist Jeremy Garrett a.k.a NYARTMAN, Gotham's Inkslinging Superhero.  Specializing in high quality, invincible custom tattooing and cover up tattoos.   nyartmanfreakenlaserbeamslowres1

Washington tattoo artist Jeremy Garrett, is one of the United States top tattoo artists offering the ultimate quality in precision custom tattooing; such as the one he tattooed on Dave McCrory that WOW'ed Stan LeeJosh Steely, lead guitarist for Daughtry knows Jeremy is the artist to trust when you have a tattoo that is in desperate need of make over.  Also, be sure to read the featured FOX News interview they did with Garrett. 

Whether you're looking for a Japanese inspired sleeve, a fine line jewel, a bio mechanical implant, a classic black and gray masterpiece or a bright color bomb you won't find a more skilled artist than Jeremy Garrett!  His tattooing superpowers are out of this world! He is able to do it all with exacting detail and inhuman creativity in his original American Underground style.

With over two decades of professional tattooing experience consistently producing clean, high quality tattoos, Garrett has always preferred to work on a very personal level with his clients in order to establish the true objective of their tattoo.  He does this by treating his clients with the utmost respect and applying superhuman listening techniques to find out precisely what they want and using their guidance coupled with his super genius mind to then design a one of a kind custom piece that ordinarily exceeds their expectations.

If you have a old tattoo that isn't quite what you had in mind or doesn't go with the stylistic direction that you are aiming for, well you're in luck. Jeremy Garrett is one of the country's few cover up masters. Too often a bad tattoo can easily become an even worse looking tattoo by having it covered up or touched up by a tattooist who is not qualified to do the work. Don't be too quick to let any tattoo artist attempt to cover up your old tattoo. A bad cover up job can be even more disappointing than the original tattoo and can end up costing you thousands of dollars in laser removal. You can see some spectacular cover up work by visiting Garrett's Cover Up Tattoos gallery page.

Being America's Inkslinging Superhero, you can rest assured that Garrett uses only sterile equipment and new needles every time and works in a gloriously clean, relaxed and private art studio not some mere tattoo parlor. Whether you live in Gotham, Seattle, Spokane, Tacoma, Olympia, Bellevue or are visiting Washington State, Jeremy Garrett is your friendly neighborhood inkslinger.