Great Reasons to have Your Tattoo Done in Washington State.

I grew up in hot and humid western Tennessee surrounded by flat farm lands full of cotton. I had no appreciation for the amazing rock-n-roll, blues and barbeque that surrounded me, no more than a fish appreciates water. Instead, I was always fascinated with the streams and rugged mountains of the West. Grizzly Adams and Alaskan documentaries spurred my fantasies. When I was 27, for the first time I took an across country trip on my motorcycle. I’ve traveled the world over and I can honestly say that was the best trip of my life hands down. It opened my eyes to how great the United States truly is and it also reinforced my deep gratitude for being so very lucky enough to have been born a citizen of this wonderful Nation.

The Pacific Northwest as a whole left a very deep impression on me. From that point on I dreamed of having the opportunity to live in this region of the Country and in particular Washington State. From desert to rainforest, Washington is incredibly diverse. If you have not visited the Evergreen State you are depriving yourself the experience of one of the most beautiful places on earth. The rugged beauty of Eastern Washington balanced between the arid farmlands in the center of the state with the dark damp mossy forest of Western Washington is all so amazing to be found in such a moderately sized state.

If you have the time to drive out to Spokane then you should, it is 100% Americana. The folks there are as red, white and blue as it gets. Freedom and independence abounds that part of the state, obviously inspired by the raw wild beauty of the surrounding country side. The focus of this article is to point out the places of interests that tattoo collectors can take in while visiting Washington Custom Tattoos for your next tattooing project. Since I my studio is located in Western Washington I’ll focus the rest of the article on that region of the State. As nice as Spokane is it may be a bit of a drive to visit if you are briefly in town for you tattoo appointment.

Not to fear, Western Washington abounds in amazing beauty and cultural venues. My personal favorite is the Olympia, the States capital. Coming from NYC, Olympia to me is small town America at it’s finest. 4Th Ave. is the main drag running through town. Downtown is welcoming and vibrant but not overwhelming. Well kept, quaint shops and eateries abound but are not overcrowded and suffocating. From the boats moored in Budd Inlet to well manicured gentlemen farms of South Bay. If your hormones need a boost be sure to check out the God’s finest creations at the Foxy Lady Cafe. Other great points of interest include the Boston Harbor Marina where you can rent a boat and explore the environmentally rich waters that surround Olympia. Don’t forget to check to also check out Billy Frank Jr. Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge a nature lovers paradise.

Seattle of course is Washington’s big city. Like all big cities it’s full of attractions and cultural activities. If it’s your first time to Seattle you’ll definitely need to see all of the typical tourist spots like the Space Needle, Pike Place Market, and the Seattle Great Wheel. Since it does indeed rain quite frequently, if you are bringing your little ones with you then you might want to consider visiting the Children’s Museum and the Seattle Aquarium. While you’re here make sure you are prepared to see the homeless, they’re pretty hard to avoid. Seattleites takes great pride in their homeless, which they have worked so hard at grooming such a fantastic crop of. What, you don’t like the homeless? Well make sure you keeping that to yourself because speaking out against them is strictly forbidden in Seattle and doing so may get you a one way ticket to a reeducation camp. Be sure to bring a sack of 100% organic sandwiches to hand out to them, it’s sort of the mandatory thing to do and I think it lowers your carbon footprint or something like that. Anyway, speaking of food, Seattle’s got you covered. The city is full restaurants serving up all sorts of tasty dishes from every corner of the globe, especially if you’re gluten free or vegan or on some other trendy diet. For starters the Chinatown International District would be a great place to haul your belly. If after eating your arts and cultural cravings are still gluttonous then head to either the Seattle Art Museum, just one block from Pike Place Market or walk over to the Olympic Sculpture Park for a mix of the Puget Sound, Olympic Mountains and beautiful art all wrapped up in one amazing panoramic view.

Of course this article wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the big, gigantic, green elephant of attractions there in the middle of the room. Mary Mother Fucking Jane. That’s right pot is abundant and fully legal here in the beautiful Evergreen State. No more need to travel all the way to Amsterdam to experience freedom, you can now do so in the good old U.S. of A. Prices of course vary but they are very reasonable you can easily find just about any strain to melt your brain. Just know that while Cannabis is legal it’s not legal to smoke in public, not that you would likely run into trouble if you did, well not in Seattle that is. If the cops do bother you, just tell them you’re homeless and they’ll give you a sandwich instead of a ticket.