What's the Word on Name Tattoos?

Unless you're getting your child's, a relative's or even maybe your pet's name tattooed, don't do this. People who get their significant other's name or your own name tattooed are the brunt of a plethora of jokes. Even your tattooist will laugh at you as soon as you live their studio.

If you're one of those who want to get your own name tattooed on you, be prepared for a lifetime of answering the question, “Were you afraid you might one day forget who you are?” or “Was that a way to save money on having to buy shirts with your name patch on it for your job at pumping gas?”

If you getting your lover's name tattooed on you, just know it's a curse. Don't believe it? Well, go and have it done and see how long it takes before the brake up happens. It's also sort of an emergency news bulletin to the world that you may have wee bit of an insecurity issue. Something you might want to take a look at. It's not a good idea to treat your lover like a tackle box that you write your name on in permanent marker to prevent it from getting stolen.

Obviously, not all tattooists agree. Mr. Jonathan Michael Boggs of Sioux City, Iowa took a hammer to his girlfriend when she refused to let him tattoo his name on her chest. Now that's true love; unfortunately, she was too stupid to understand that and needed to have some sense knocked into her... with a hammer. Oh, we mustn't forget about Rouslan Toumaniantz a tattooist, who tattooed his name over most of his girlfriend's, Lesya Toumaniantz from Saransk, Russia, face after knowing her for not even 24 hours. Mr. Boggs obviously needed to take lessons from Mr. Toumaniantz on how to properly subjugate your woman. It would appear that the old school tradition of respectable tattooists refusing or at least strongly trying to persuade their clients not to tattoo their faces and hands is now quite passé.