Cover Up Tattoo botched by a so called tattoo fixer.

Prospective cover up tattoos are the ugly red headed step children that almost no tattooists want to deal with. They are often times unruly messes that baffle even the most seasoned tattooists who would do better at trying to turn lead into gold. What's even worse is when people who have such a tattoo nightmare go to a so called “tattoo fixer” to only have the new cover up piece botched.

Did you see the beautiful mess Alice Perrin, of Tattoo Fixers, recently botched? I thought that show was supposed to be about tattoo artists who actually fix bad tattoos. If you are in need of a cover up tattoo, do yourself a favor and ignore the so called ink masters on reality TV. A true cover up tattoo master's fame doesn't come from reality TV. Real fame comes from years of hard work and consistent proven results. Those type of cover up tattooing legends become recognized by good old word of mouth, not by some hyped up TV show marketing crap to the hordes of trendy followers.